In legal texts, an absolute necessity. In other cases, one of the key characteristics of
a good translation.


Pressed by time? No matter what the hour is, you can submit your texts for translation even at late hours.


Latest software and new technologies. Cutting-edge CAT tools and current knowledge of the field.


Have your translator ever asked you for whom the translation is intended or where it will be published? If not, try to look elsewhere.

Translation is not word-for-word conversion from one language
to another, the entire process consists of much more. The more information the translator has, the better their product can be.

Always having a good translator at hand pays off. Always having a good translator who knows you and
your needs is priceless. Individual approach, whether for a one-off order or long-term cooperation, brings something extra. Mass and impersonal production certainly has its place, but not in translation.

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